Fiscal Restraint

irvine_governmentOur city government needs to exercise fiscal restraint, and control its spending.

  • Staff: Always consult the city budget and accountant before making any fiscal decisions.
  • Balanced Budget: Establish and remain resolute in preserving a balanced budget without compromising Irvine’s long-term economic goals.
  • Tax Breaks: Break down the budget and cut out the fat. Unnecessary expenditures are a discredit to taxpayers. These wasted funds should remain in their wallets.
  • Review Contract Process: Review vendor contracts semi-annually. Establishing yearly contracts will provide multiple companies the opportunity to bid, providing the best price, quality and job.
  • Pensions: Review and revise the city’s pension plan.

The negligence and poor decisions of this council, a council my opponents have been apart of for over two decades, have allowed for our current city council to dip into our rainy day fund. A fund that I believe is best untouched unless under dire need. Short-term decisions with no vision lead to long-term economic disaster. As mayor, I intend to use my executive experience and prevent these issues from continuing by keeping focus on efficient spending and planning.

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  1. Arjun Reply

    What is going to happen to ppeole who lose Waver funds or PCA cuts, worse can not get them.\?Nursing homes are full and the aging population is going up.More M I will be homeless.

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