I thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot to me personally and I will be back in touch with you soon to keep you informed about the progress of our campaign.

Early contributions are by far the most effective as it will allow us to continue to move forward in establishing a solid foundation for this campaign.

A campaign that will be comprised of top strategic teams of consultants and volunteers and family as well as the use of the latest technologies available to political campaigns.

I do realize I can only continue to engage these services with the financial help of you and others in the community.

While I realize as much as anyone how difficult the current economy is, I also need to stress that to be successful in this campaign I must ask you to please contribute the maximum contribution allowed by law. The maximum contribution any one individual can give during this campaign is $470 per person.

I ask that you and if you are married, your spouse each contribute the maximum contribution now of $940. As you may be aware one of the most important contribution periods is coming up very soon.  Please take the time to contribute the maximum contribution of $470 or whatever you can afford.

Thank you, Katherine

Katherine Daigle for Mayor of Irvine

40 Whistling Isle, Irvine CA. 92614


ID# 1363056



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