About Katherine Daigle

Katherine Daigle is a fiscally conservative candidate for Mayor of Irvine, she will bring a practical and pragmatic business perspective to the City. Recognized for her financial and legal expertise, she works to promote fiscally-responsible solutions to address Irvine’s Great Park, increased pension deficit, budget, and city cash flow. Katherine Daigle believes in a smaller, constitutionally limited government, one that stops runaway spending and lives within its resources.  Katherine believes the City must cut through regulations, bureaucracy, and the overall system of government, in order to spur true economic growth and restore the full city’s economy. It’s these principles that define her.

Katherine is one of the City’s most vocal and articulate guardians of Irvine’s Great Park development.

Recognized for her dedication to identify and eliminate wasteful spending measures while forcefully advocating for restraint in spending and regulation. Public employee and teacher’s pensions as well as stresses in the benefits system. She will address the issue of under funding, investment assumptions and other problems that have created unsustainable debt obligations on our city for future generations. She supports pro-taxpayer legislation, she will vote for the working families for the return of taxpayer dollars and against any large tax increases. Katherine believes that the City should not borrow its way to prosperity to fund city projects, but must reduce the amount of spending, balance the budget and plan for the future by setting aside additional reserves for emergencies. She understands that the city must begin establishing policies that ensure future improvements in transportation, water and other basic necessities to enable Irvine to retain its place as one of the top-ranking economies and safest cities and best schools in the United States. Her wide-ranging and varied achievements come as no surprise due to her background, comprised of years of hard-work, determination and a positive outlook. 

Today Katherine’s family represents a classic American success story, ever achieving greater heights.  Katherine rightly beams with pride over her daughter Brittany, currently a published biological scientist who is pursuing her career in medicine.  Not to be outdone, Katherine’s husband Phillip is also a success story in both the public and private sectors; he has worked for the City of Irvine’s Community Services department for more than 12 years and also operates his own business. Among Irvine’s proudest residents, Katherine hopes to maintain what makes her city great and improving policymakers and holding them accountable, to ensure her community’s bright future.  She seeks to lay a strong fiscal foundation for Irvine by cutting excessive spending and returning over payments of taxes to its residents. She will strongly oppose tax increases and encourage privatization. 

Katherine is proud of Irvine’s reputation as one of America’s safest cities and understands this is due to the dedication of the outstanding people working in our City, schools as well as in law enforcement. As a self-made success story, she and her family has happily called Irvine home since 1990.  Graduate with an MBA; Katherine possesses a background in business, law, finance and local government. Her professional career has included serving as a legal and finance executive, a Vice President for more than twenty years at a large electronic healthcare data firm in Irvine. Katherine is the founder of two small businesses KND Legal Consulting LLC and Paralegal Outsourcing & Associates. Katherine began her public service at the local level, currently serving as an elected Director of the Woodbridge Village Association, since 2012 , she represents the interests of its residents. She is a member of the Santa Ana Republican Women Federated (SARWF) and the National Women Political Caucus OC, OC GOP, and the GOPchoice. Katherine, volunteers for Legal Aid Society of Orange County (LASOC). and has served on the Board of the Irvine Donor Committee in the City of Irvine.

An advocate for lower taxes, less intrusive government, fiscal conservative and a strong proponent of property rights. Katherine encourages women to follow her same path of independence and hard work.  She understands the importance of the American can-do independent spirit which made this nation great; this is why she promotes it as a core value and philosophy. 

Katherine is incredibly thankful for the support and friendships she has gained over the years and will be honored to serve as your mayor. “We have an opportunity to change the tone of the City to transition from ineffective public policy to effectual, trustworthy relevant decision making about public policy and civic issues that will raise voters awareness and interest in policy issues. The often negative, hyper-partisan tone of political discourse has raised concerns about maintaining the people’s interest in policy issues. We The People must continue to make our voices heard and hold those elected to serve this great city accountable.”

Let’s Move Forward.



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