Katherine-Daigle-fullKatherine has served the citizens of Irvine as a successful small business owner, an active community volunteer and a wife and mom, who also finds time serves as an elected member of her own Woodbridge (homeowners) Association. For two decades, Katherine served as the Vice President of Financial and Administrative Contracts for  an Orange County business entrepreneur, during which time she earned her Master of Business Administration (MBA). In 2010, Katherine founded  KND Legal Consulting, and Irvine-based legal services firm.

Katherine’s husband, Phillip, has worked for the City of Irvine’s Community Services department for more than 12 years. He also operates his own small business. Their daughter Brittany graduated from Woodbridge High School and, in 2009, went on to graduate from Concordia University, in Irvine, with a BS in Biology and a minor in Pre-Med. Brittany currently attends Loma Linda Medical School where she is in the Biomedical Science graduate program, before pursuing an MD. She also provides research at the local Veterans Hospital and has papers published in Biochemistry and Physiology.

Katherine has proven leadership and experience in both the public and private sector. In addition to her distinguished business career and education she volunteers her time offering her time to Meals on Wheels programs, and as a grant writer, while sitting on the Irvine Donor Committee. Katherine is devoted to improving the strength and development of local business, as she is a member of the Irvine Chamber of Commerce.